Citizenship Question for Intro Registration

On our introductory course registration form, we ask for your citizenship.

We are asking this because our club's insurance is purchased through USA Fencing, and part of the conditions of the insurance is that all who participate in fencing activities at the club hold USA Fencing membership.

As part of the course fee, we include a USA fencing membership for participants in the introductory course. In order to purchase the membership for participants, we need to provide to USA Fencing the information that they request for processing memberships, including citizenship (what country you're from/planning to represent in competition).

USA Fencing needs to know citizenship status for its members because they are the national governing body for our sport, and are responsible for enforcing eligibility rules for sanctioned tournaments and events.

Using citizenship information for any other purposes is wholly beyond the scope of what we want/can/must do here at Riverside. We just want to fence.