Referee Seminar with Mary Mahon

USFA Referee Seminar

given by certified referee instructor,

Mary Mahon

Mary Mahon is a long-time national and international referee who holds FIE licenses in both FOIL and EPEE. She has refereed dozens of world cups and grand prix events all over the world. Mary has been a member of the USFA Fencing Officials Commission (FOC) since 2009.

In this seminar, you will learn rules applications, right of way, how to negotiate weapon-specific situations (foil, epee, and sabre), and how to help take our sport to the next level.

This seminar is the first one that includes both PowerPoint and video tools. The video content will be used beginning this season to train USFA officials.


  • $75.00 for new referees.
  • $60.00 for currently rated referees taking the course as a referesher.
Who should attend?
  • Aspiring referees
  • Coaches
  • Athletes
  • Parents
  • Current referees

Requirements to Obtain a USFA Referee Rating

  1. certificate of completion of a referee seminar;
  2. a passing score on the written examination; and
  3. observation at an appropriate tournament.


Sat 9/25/2010
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sun 9/26/2010 
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Seminar presentations and written examinations.

Lunch (pizza, soda) provided for all participants.

Observation at tournaments.

Unclassified mixed tournaments in all three weapons.
Riverside Fencing Club
162 Russell Street
Hadley, MA 01060 
Worcester Fencing Club
243 Stafford Street
Worcester, MA 01603 

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