Program Descriptions

Our programs generally run in two-month sessions, such as September-October, and November-December. We expect a minimum of 7 weeks per session, allowing for holidays, cancellations due to inclement weather, etc. If we end up having more than 7 weeks, it's a bonus!
Classes are reserved for member fencers who are signed up for one of these programs, and occasional guests invited by the coaches. Open fencing times are open to any fencers.

Please see our Calendar and Schedules pages, also.

Introductory & Beginner Programs

If you are new to the sport, start here!

Introductory Program

This program assumes no prior experience or exposure to fencing, and is designed to give the new fencer an in-depth, fun, active introduction to our sport. Students may repeat the course, if desired.

While we offer some variations in the class, our course consists of six weekly, 90-minute classes.  Each class builds on the skills developed in the previous one, so participation in all classes is expected.

Upon completion of this program, the next step is to join the beginner program!

Click here for information about our upcoming offerings and to register for them.

Beginner Program

This program is for those who have recently completed the introductory program and wish to continue fencing. The primary focus of this program is to reinforce fundamental skills introduced in the introductory course as well as to introduce a few more.

We cover some of the fundamental drills we lean on heavily in the instructional and training program courses, as well as how to do basic partner drilling.

This program consists of once-weekly classes, after which participation in open fencing sessions is encouraged (expected). 

This program may be repeated, and may also be taken concurrently with the Instructional Program.

Instructional & Training Programs

Looking to develop more? These programs are for you!

Instructional Program

The focus of the instructional program is development of fundamental techniques, tactics, and competition skills in the sport. The program consists of three basic components, outlined below. 
  1. Instructional classes: meet once weekly and provide structured drilling, instruction, and directed sparring.
  2. In-house tournaments: scheduled approximately bi-weekly (schedules are published in advance). Student participation is expected.
  3. Open fencing: time for students to fence without formal instruction. Effectively, "play time." Students are encouraged to participate in a minimum of 2 hours monthly of open fencing. In-house competitions count as 1 hour toward this goal.

Training Program

The training program is an overlay atop the instructional program with the primary focus of the overlay being competition outside the club. The program components include, in addition to the components of the instructional program, above:
  1. Training classes: meet once weekly and consist of two parts: 
    1. a training/instructional portion that focuses on refining technical, tactical, or strategic mastery of the game; and 
    2. a footwork/conditioning portion that focuses on physical fitness aspects complementary to fencing without having to fence.
  2. Private lessons: Students at this level are encouraged to add private lessons to their regimen.