Champions and All-Stars

We are striving to make the full history of the results and statistics of the NFC available. However, this will take time. Thank you for your patience.

Team Champions are calculated based on total victories won by that team. Forfeits are scored as victories for the team that is not forfeiting. Ties are possible.

League All Stars are those fencers who have fenced a minimum of 2/3 of the possible league bouts (20 bouts for men, 24 bouts for women) and have the highest winning percentages. Ties are broken by indicators. No further tie breaker is used; ties are possible.

Team Champions

We are still collecting the complete results. Thank you for your patience.

 Year  Men Women Combined
 2013 SHU Brown  Brown
 2012   BC, Brown  SHU, Brown 
 2011   Vassar  Vassar 
 2010   Brandeis Brown 
 2009   Brandeis Brandeis 
 2008   Brown  Brandeis 
 2007   Brown  Brandeis 
 2006   Brown  MIT 
 2005   MIT  Brandeis, Brown, MIT 
 2004   MIT  MIT 
 2003   Harvard  Harvard 
 2002   MIT  Harvard, MIT 
 2001   Harvard  MIT 
 2000   MIT  Brandeis, MIT 
 1999   MIT  Brandeis, MIT 
 1998   MIT  MIT 
 1997   MIT, Tufts  MIT 
 1996   Brown   
 1995   Brandeis  
 1994   Brown   

League All-Stars