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Classes Information

Our classes are intended to be enjoyed by students of any gender, and we welcome students of any age from about 8 years old to 108 years old.

If your child is a little younger than the minimum age for a class, but is interested in taking a class, please contact us. We can make exceptions to the minimum age, but we do this on a case-by-case basis. Our basic criteria include maturity, independence, size, physical strength, and overall physical body control.

Class sessions are usually seven weeks long, and fit into a two-calendar-month period. While some classes meet only once a week, some will meet more often. Please see the descriptions of each class for more information.

Youth classes are generally for kids ages 8 to 12 years. Some classes may be designated for other specific age ranges. 

Teen/Adult classes are for fencers ages 13 and up.

Introductory classes are the best place to start your fencing experience. These classes are designed for those who have never fenced before, and assume no prior knowledge of the sport. Fencers may repeat the introductory classes, if they choose, or may move to the general classes. The instructors of the classes will give a recommendation at the end of the class.

Foil and Epee classes are mixed ability classes, with relatively new (just out of introductory class) fencers mixed in with more seasoned fencers. Classes include footwork, partnered drilling, and controlled fencing opportunities that will focus on a range of topics from specific techniques to work on to competition strategies. The instructors will group or pair fencers with others of similar or different experience/skill ability levels as appropriate.