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Here's a guide on how to make sense of tournament listings on askFRED.

AGE CATEGORIES: Different tournaments are open to fencers of different ages and classifications (ratings). The USFA has provided a comprehensive table of this information. 

Local US Fencing Association Tournaments

www.askFRED.net is the online resource to find upcoming local and regional tournaments. From the main page, click the "Upcoming Tournaments" tab. From there, the interface is pretty intuitive.

As tournaments are added by local event organizers as they please, it is impossible to provide here a comprehensive list of events. The best thing to do is to look at the askFRED site and see what is out there yourself! Of course, please ask your coach if you have any questions about a specific tournament!


  • Depending on your birth year, you may be eligible to fence in tournaments organized under different categories. For example: if you are 13, you could fence in Y14, Cadet, Junior, or Senior events!
  • Some of the events pulled by the links may be restricted to fencers of a specific division or club, and may not be open to Riverside Fencers.

Click here to open the list of Regional, National, and International events sanctioned by USA Fencing. While the USFA site has a tab to locate divisional (local) events, Riverside Fencing Club recommends using the askFRED link instead for those local events.