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Regular (Retail) Rates for Instruction

·         Youth or Adult Epee Class: $22.00

·         Footwork & Conditioning Class: $12.00

·         Private Lesson: $20.00 (approximately 20 minutes)

·         Open Fencing Floor Fee (waived for RFC members): $10.00 daily.

Discount Packages for Instruction

Monthly packages are available only to RFC member fencers, and are by calendar month.


What’s Included

Approximate Retail Value


New Member

(One-time: for new members)

Six classes

Membership in Riverside Fencing Club.

Membership in USA Fencing.

(Memberships expire July 31.)


Classes Only


Unlimited classes



Classes Only -- Summer

(monthly in Jun, Jul, and Aug)

Same as above, but available only in June, July, and August, when we are open fewer days.

Classes & Lessons


Unlimited classes

5 private lessons per month



Classes & Lessons -- Summer

(monthly in Jun, Jul, and Aug)

Available only in June, July, and August, when we are open fewer days.

Unlimited classes

4 private lessons per month



Family Classes Only


For 3 or more members of the same household.

Unlimited classes

$672 or more


 Family Classes & Lessons


For three or more members of the same household.

Unlimited classes

10 private lessons per month. These may be taken by any members of the family

 $872 or more


Pre-paid package

(not monthly)

Reduced class rate.

Rates using this package:

·         Youth or Adult Epee class: $20

·         Footwork & conditioning class: $10

·         Private Lesson: $20

May be shared among members of the same household.



Riverside Fencing Club Membership

Benefits: open fencing floor fees waived;use of club equipment; discount packages available (see above); and participation in in-house competitions. US Fencing Association membership is required (see below).

The annual membership period ends July 31, with pro-rated membership rates as follows: $100/year; $80 after Nov. 30; $60 after Feb 28.

Download links for RFC membership form and waiver are available at the bottom of this page

US Fencing Association Membership

The US Fencing Association (USFA) is the governing body for our sport. Membership allows fencers to compete in sanctioned events. Your membership allows this club to carry insurance offered through the USFA. 

Membership in the USFA is required for membership in the Riverside Fencing Club

If you are using the new member application (below), then membership in the USFA will be included.
Taro Yamashita,
Jul 31, 2012, 5:40 PM