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Here at Riverside Fencing, we offer group instruction in foil and epee fencing. After an introductory course, students continue with group classes in either foil or epee, or both. At the discretion of the coaches, more personalized private instruction can be added to the regiment of group classes to further the fencer's development.

We view competition as an integral part of the overall experience of the sport. When they are ready, we encourage our students to compete, and we provide additional support during tournaments. At its core, our instruction focuses of preparing students for the adventure of competing and learning about themselves through competition.

Introduction to Fencing Classes

A class designed for those who have never fenced before, but have always wanted to! The course starts with basic fencing movement and introduces students to fundamental techniques, tactics, safety rules, and etiquette of fencing. Whether as the first step toward eventual competition, or as an end, itself, this course provides a thorough introduction to the modern sport of fencing.

We offer this course at the Hadley Riverside Fencing Club location and at other locations. It is often offered through various park and recreation departments, or through community-based organizations.

Can't make any of our introductory classes? Please email us to explore a private one-on-one series of lessons that covers the same material as offered in the Introduction to Fencing Classes. (Subject to instructor availability.)

We accept students as young as age 10, and we accept adult learners, also.

Footwork/Conditioning Class

This non-weapons class focuses on movement, strength/conditioning, agility, flexibility, and coordination specific to fencing. This class is open to fencers of all ages.While we do not use "weights" as are found in a gym, other props may be used, but this primarily is a "use your body" type of class.

Teen/Adult Classes

Open to fencers 13 to adult who have completed an introduction to fencing class (or equivalent) and have instructor permission.

The focus of these classes is fundamental skills and tactics development. Fencers from beginner to advanced intermediate can and will benefit from attending these classes. Exercises are done largely as paired drills, so each student learns both as a "coach" and a "student," further strengthening overall understanding of the concepts and skills.

Youth Classes

Open to fencers 13 and younger who have completed an introduction to fencing class (or equivalent) and have instructor permission.

The goal is to challenge each student to develop competitive skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere. As with the teen/adult classes, the focus is on fundamental skills and tactics development in this class.

The overlap of students aged 13 is intentional, allowing students to transition from the youth class to the teen/adult class as they become comfortable with the transition. Fencing against older fencers is also consistent with USA Fencing's competition age categories available for 13-year-olds, as they become eligible to fence in "Cadet" (ages 13-16), "Junior" (ages 13-20), and "Senior" (ages 13+) events, and start to transition out of the "Youth" age categories (oldest age is 14 for youth categories).