Event Descriptions

Age-Restricted Events

Events may be restricted by age category, such as "Y14" or "Cadet."

Generally, age-restricted events do not also have a fencer classification restriction or requirement.

Youth events may combine age classifications, such as "Y10/Y12" meaning fencers in either age category may participate. "Y12/Y14" is the only combination that allows fencers under 13 to compete with fencers over 13. 

Gender Designations for Events

Events are designated as "men's," "women's," or "mixed."

Events that are sanctioned at the regional and national levels are not mixed, but events sanctioned at the divisional level or lower may be mixed.

Classification-restricted Events

Senior age category events may be further restricted by skill ability, or fencer classification.

Division 1: fencers must have an A, B, or C fencing classification in order to enter these tournaments. This is the highest competitive division.

Division IA: fencers may have any fencer classification to participate. The older name for this is the "open" division.

Division II: fencers must have a C, D, E, or U classification to participate. Sometimes called "C & Under."

Division III: fencers must have a D, E, or U classification to participate. Sometimes called "D & Under."

"E & Under": fencers must have an E or U classification to participate 

"Unclassified": fencers must be unclassified to participate. 

USA Fencing usually sanctions Division I, IA, II, and III events at the national and regional level. The others may be sanctioned at the divisional level, or may be unsanctioned local events.

A fencer's classification in the weapon contested is the only relevant one. A fencer's epee classification is not considered if the fencer is competing in a foil competition, e.g.


In event descriptions, if no age classification is specified, "Senior" is assumed (ages 13+ years)
  • "Y14 women's epee"
    • Female epee fencers ages 12-14, any classification.
  • "Division II men's sabre"
    • Male sabre fencers aged 13+ years and who have classifications of C, D, E, or U.
  • "Y12/Y14 mixed sabre"
    • Sabre fencers of either gender, aged 10 to 14 years, any classification.
  • "Cadet women's epee"
    • Female epee fencers ages 13 to 17.
  • "E & Under Mixed Foil"
    • Foil fencers of either gender aged 13+ years and who have E or U classifications.
  • "Vet 60 men's foil"
    • Male foil fencers ages 60 to 69 years, any classification.