Event Qualification

Events that require prior qualification include all national championship events, and the July Challenge. The Division 1 national championships are held in April. The Junior/Cadet national championships (the Junior Olympics) are held in February. National Championships in most other age and classification categories are held at the Summer National Championships. The July Challenge is held concurrently with the Summer Nationals, but consists of events that are not national championship events (junior, cadet, division 1). 

There are often several different possible paths to qualifying for an event. In general, the paths come down to three different types:
  1. Accumulating points on a national or regional points list.
  2. Placing at divisional qualifying event.
  3. Participating (regardless of placement) in a qualifying event.
Here is the official USA Fencing description of all the various qualifying paths for events that require qualification.

Accumulating Points

Earn points by placing in points events. Collect enough points and you can qualify for other events (such as championships) or teams (such as the Olympic team).

There are national points lists in all age categories. National points are awarded at North American Circuit (NAC) events, National Championship events, "Super" youth/cadet/junior events.

There are regional points lists in all age categories AND in senior division categories (div 1A, div 2, div 3). Regional points are awarded at Regional events.

Divisional Qualifier Events

Qualify based on a single result at a single designated qualifying event. Qualifiers are sanctioned by the USA Fencing Divisions, and are used to qualify for the national championship events. These tournaments are restricted to members of the host division. (Riverside is a member of the "New England" division.)

Top 25% of finishers at a qualifier event will qualify.

Participating in a Qualifying Event

USA Fencing, this is used only for Veteran age category events. To qualify for a Veteran event at the Summer National Championships, a fencer must participate in any of the following events prior to the summer nationals:
  • Any North American Cup (NAC) event in that weapon
  • The fencer's division qualifier event for the weapon
Participation, regardless of final placement, is sufficient to qualify the fencer.