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Some of the drills we do in our classes at Riverside. Descriptions here are intentionally sparse: these videos are intended to be reference for reinforcement of what is taught in our classes, not a substitute for learning in class. This is not an exhaustive list of the drills and games we do at the club, and is not intended to be.

Counter-attack to the hand

One of the most iconic drills for epee fencing.

Envelopment drill

Hit at 4 (7) Distances (German system drill)

This drill is actually just part of a richer system of drills developed in Germany under Emil Beck. The basic idea of the drill is that you learn to execute various pieces of bladework with all the basic footwork movements. This uses the simple footwork pattern that is actually intended primarily for foil: en garde, advance, lunge, advance-lunge, retreat, retreat-lunge, and fleche.

We started this with only the first four actions, and thus the familiar name we use. Specific footwork pieces can be omitted (e.g. omit fleche if fencer doesn't know it, yet), and additional movement or actions prior to the actions can be included (e.g. make hit with opposition after making multiple searches for the blade).

Machine Gun

It's OK to add or remove pieces from this drill. That makes it 

MIT Drill

Named this way because it was "stolen" from a drill done by the members of the MIT Fencing Team.