Riverside Membership Fees

Your membership fees do not include fees for group or individual instruction, but allow you to enjoy those benefits. Thank you for being part of our club!

  • Temporary, single-session (two calendar months: e.g. Sep-Oct): $45.00
  • Annual (period of August 1 to July 31)
    • For period of on or after August 1 and before November 1: $200.00
    • For period of on or after November 1 and before Jan 1: $160.00
    • For period of on or after January 1 and before March 1: $120.00
    • For period of on or after March 1 and before May 1: $80.00
    • For period of on or after May 1 and before July 31: $45.00

Other membership requirements

Concurrent membership in USA Fencing is required for membership at Riverside.

For the purposes of Riverside membership, only the following types of USA Fencing memberships are acceptable:
    • Competitive
    • Non-competitive
    • Coach
    • Life
    • Life Installment

Membership Benefits:

  • Floor fees during open fencing are waived (normally $10.00/visit)
  • Use of club gear for outside competitions and fencing at the club
  • May register for classes offered at Riverside Fencing Club
    • NB: club membership is not required for the following classes:
      • Introduction to Fencing (any location)
      • Any classes administered through West Springfield Park and Recreation
      • Footwork and Conditioning class (USA Fencing membership *is* required for this class, still.)
  • May take private lessons with Riverside Fencing Club coaches
  • Occasional members-only perks at the club (access to limited edition apparel items, e.g.)
  • You get to be considered one of the "cool kids"!