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Riverside Membership Fees

Your membership fees help us to defray the costs incurred by the club for the benefit of all fencers at the club (rent, equipment maintenance, insurance, etc.). Your membership fees do not include fees for group or individual instruction, but allow you to enjoy those benefits. Thank you for being part of our club!

  • Temporary, single-session (two calendar months: e.g. Sep-Oct): $45.00
  • Annual (period of August 1 to July 31)
    • For period of on or after August 1 and before November 1: $200.00
    • For period of on or after November 1 and before Jan 1: $160.00
    • For period of on or after January 1 and before March 1: $120.00
    • For period of on or after March 1 and before May 1: $80.00
    • For period of on or after May 1 and before July 31: $40.00

Other membership requirements

  • Concurrent membership in USA Fencing is required for membership at Riverside. 
    • For the purposes of Riverside membership, only the following types of USA Fencing memberships are acceptable:
      • Competitive, Non-competitive, Coach, Life, Life Installment

Membership Benefits:

  • Floor fees during open fencing are waived (normally $10.00/visit)
  • Use of club gear for outside competitions
  • May register for class programs offered at Riverside Fencing Club
    • NB: Membership is not required for the introductory course, and may not be required for courses taught by Riverside staff but offered through outside agencies, such as the West Springfield Park and Recreation department.
  • May take private lessons with Riverside Fencing Club coaches
  • You get to be considered one of the "cool kids"!