Fencing With Us

Whether you're new to the sport, hold national titles, or are anywhere in between, we have options for you. All our fencing and programming is intended for fencers ages 10 and up.

Our Philosophy

Rule #1: Have fun!

Let's have fun, first and foremost. In a competitive sport, such as fencing, we cannot limit "fun" to the results we achieve; the fun must be inherent in the process of learning and mastering the discipline.

The process is one of constant challenge and improvement. Find a new way to challenge yourself, learn something to help rise to that challenge, master it, and repeat.

Along the path of improvement, perhaps not every aspect is, strictly speaking, "fun," (everyone is defeated, sometimes!) but the overall experience should be more smiles and laughter than not.

Group Instruction

Introduction to Fencing
New to the sport? Start here! Intended for those fencers with little or no prior experience in fencing. This may be repeated once.

Beginner Fencing
For those who have taken the Introduction to Fencing course, and wish to continue. The focus here is fundamental skills: polishing those skills learned in the introductory course and learning newer ones necessary for further development. Classes meet once weekly.

Students should expect to take at least one or two sessions of this class; it may be repeated more times. Students are also encouraged to participate in open fencing.

Intermediate Fencing
Coach approval and at least one session of the Beginner Fencing course required. This continues the fencer's development. Along with skills development, more advanced tactics and strategies are covered. Classes meet once weekly.

Included in the program is entry to our in-house tournaments. Students are also encouraged to participate in open fencing (akin to "independent study"). 

NB: Our youth programming usually blends the Beginner/Intermediate levels together.

Competitive Fencing
Coach approval required. This is an add-on to the Intermediate Fencing program, and includes a physical training session, as well as a second weekly class that focuses on higher level concepts and skills.

Students are expected to compete in outside tournaments, and to participate in open fencing sessions regularly. Students are encouraged to pursue private instruction as well, at this level.

Private Lessons & Open Fencing

Private lessons 
Lessons are arranged directly with the coaches. Priority is given to fencers who are competing. Lessons are normally scheduled for 20 minutes.

Open Fencing

Open fencing is time when anyone can come and fence. Open fencing is appropriate only for those who have prior fencing experience.

Proper fencing attire is required (and available for use if needed.)

Membership in USA Fencing is required for open fencing.

Floor fees apply ($10/visit; waived for Riverside members).

Open fencing hours:
  • Mon, Tue, Thu 7:30p to 9p
  • Sat 12:30p to 2p