Beginners, national champions, and all in between are welcome here. All our fencing and programming is intended for fencers ages 10 and up.

Our Philosophy

Rule #1: Have fun!

Let's have fun, first and foremost. In a competitive sport, such as fencing, we cannot limit "fun" to the results we achieve; the fun must be inherent in the process of learning and mastering the discipline.

The process is one of constant challenge and improvement. Find a new way to challenge yourself, learn something to help rise to that challenge, master it, and repeat.

Along the path of improvement, perhaps not every aspect is, strictly speaking, "fun," (everyone is defeated, sometimes!) but the overall experience should be more smiles and laughter than not.

Fencing with Us

We welcome all fencers to come join us during our open fencing sessions. USA Fencing membership is required to participate and a floor fee applies (waived for club members). We have gear (epee and foil only) to lend, if you need it.

To join our classes (except the introductory courses), we ask that you first become a member of the Riverside Fencing Club. Concurrent membership in USA Fencing is required for club membership.