Fencing With Us

Whether you're new to the sport, hold national titles, or are anywhere in between, we have options for you. All our fencing and programming is intended for fencers ages 10 and up.

Introductory Programs

New to the sport? Start here!

We offer introductory programs starting approximately every other month. These programs are offered in a variety of locations with the goal of reaching as many people in our area as we can.

Our introductory programs are sometimes offered in collaboration with local parks and recreation departments and other community-based organizations.

Instructional Programs

Looking to learn more?

We offer programs aimed at those who are looking to continue beyond the introductory level.

We offer instructional and fitness training classes that are designed to be accessible to those who have just completed the introductory course, but also to help usher fencers toward a competitive career, as well.

Riverside Fencing Club membership is required for participation in these programs.

Open Fencing

Just looking to fence?

Open fencing is time when anyone can come and fence. Open fencing is appropriate only for those who have prior fencing experience.

Proper fencing attire is required (and available for use if needed.)

Membership in USA Fencing is required for open fencing.

Floor fees apply ($10/visit; waived for Riverside members).

Open fencing hours:
  • Mon, Tue, Thu 7:30p to 9p
  • Sat 12:30p to 2p